VOTE DOG-Issues Update


Issues Update- Food and Feeding Order

We here at K9NN are hoping that you are all staying safe during the Covid-19 outbreak.  We fully understand that this is a major health crisis that is facing our whole nation.  This has somewhat interrupted our local election townhall meetings where we bring you candidates looking to be immediately elected (adopted).  While we are working to identify new ways to promote the local doggo candidates and Save-A-Life, we also understand that the details surrounding some Doggo issues must still be addressed if we are to move forward with electing a Leader of the Pack.  As the election is still planned to be held in November, we would like to take this opportunity to address another of the key issues that plague the K9 community and see what the candidates have to say about it. 

While much effort has been put into determining what issues are most important to Doggos, it is the details surrounding these issues that the Leader of the Pack must address.  For example, while polling indicates that most Doggos are Pro-eating (at least 235% favorability), it is far from being settled as to the order in which the food is to be placed.  This issue was forced to the forefront of national concern with the arrival of a 4th Doggo into the Pack followed shortly thereafter by the great food-bowl mix up of November 4, 2019 (See Doggopedia: The November Food Tragedy).  Is it nobler in the hearts of dogs to allow the Hu-mans to place the bowls down in their own chosen order or to suffer the indignation of wrong bowl placement?  That is the question that must be answered.

United Retrievers Party

We took this opportunity to sit down with each of the four Candidates to ask them their thoughts on this key issue.  Mrs. Bella R Dogga, United Retriever’s Party Candidate as well as CCO of Fetching Lab Brewery was kind enough to not only sit down with us at our studio but she also brought us an amazing selection of Fetching Lab Beers for us to enjoy.  Thank you Bella… you are a Good-Girl!  Through her work guiding Fetching Lab Brewery and Taproom, Mrs. Dogga has acquired extensive experience with Hu-mans, “I’ve been at this a long time.  I do believe that the Hu-mans can handle this task.  Everyone will get fed.”  She further expressed her understanding that it can be hard waiting for your bowl to be placed in the correct spot, “it’s just not worth all the jumping up and down and spinning in circles that some Doggos do.”  It is believed that this last comment was in reference to General Ruffington’s unofficial nickname, “Fidget-Spinner”.  We then took the opportunity to turn the conversation to Mrs Dogga’s personal experience of the November Food Tragedy.  She stated, “I do admit, finding a bowl that was not mine in my spot was quite a blow, but the “Dad” seems contrite about it and we will continue to monitor his activities.” As to her overall stance regarding feeding order, she stated, “My administration pledges to dedicate sufficient resources into the development of efficient food distribution techniques in an effort to allocate more time for retrieving activities.”

Doggos Encouraging Reform

We then visited Prof. Oberon O P Slobbar at his office.  Prof Sobbar, the current frontrunner of the Doggos Encouraging Reform Party, is best known for his anti-“Enough” stance.  The interview took an almost immediate turn when Prof. Slobbar stated, “The real issue is, why only the food in “the bowl”?  It is a known fact, backed up by years of observation, that there is an endless supply of food in the Magic Food Room.  Why do we only get what the Hu-mans put into our bowls and call “Enough”?”  After showing us several photos of what appears to be a very tightly closed door, Prof Slobbar (after once again reminding us it is pronounced “Slow-Bear”) stated, “We must work to remove all impediments to our access to the Magic Food Room.  I pledge I will work to get the Hu-mans to open that door permanently!”  He then mumbled something about needing to think on the matter and proceeded to take a nap. 

Unverified- Magic Food Room Door
Shepherds for Progress

One of our roving reporters caught up with General Ranger R Ruffington while he was out on patrol.  Gen. Ruffington, representing the Shepherds for Progress Party, is best known for his stance on Yard Protection.  When asked his thoughts on Feeding order, he stated, “This shouldn’t be an issue.  The most logical course of action is to place the bowls down starting in the spot that is closest to the Magic Food Room.”  When asked how he felt regarding the fact that this is not a stance shared by the majority of the Pack, he stated, “I know it seems unfair as my spot is closest to the Magic Food Room, but it’s just the best way. That’s the way that it has always been done and all attempts to change it have failed.”  Arguing issues of efficiency and the importance of protecting the Yard, the General’s final comments were, “We want to work to ensure that there is progress, but not too much progress that could be detrimental to me receiving my food quickly.  And as to Mrs. Dogga’s comments, the Spin-in-Place maneuver is an extremely effective Threat Assessment techniques and I will have you know that the nickname was bestowed upon me by none other than ‘Mom’ herself.”  He then dismissed the reporter to continue with his patrol and began barking at a dragonfly that was encroaching on the Yard’s protected airspace. 

Lickatarian Party

Being one of the most approachable of the candidates, we were able to find Miss Piper U McPuppers exploring a new smell she discovered in the Yard.  Miss McPuppers stunned the entire Pack when she became the youngest candidate to run for office by forming the Lickatarian Party.  (The fact that every dog in the Pack is running for office has never come up in conversation.)  When we asked for her stance on the issue, she stated, “My current stance is all four legs spread for stability, tail in the air, nose to the ground trying to identify this new scent.”  The reporter promptly told her it was a dead dragonfly and clarified that the question was in regards to feeding order.  To which she responded, “I believe that all Doggos have the right to equal treatment.  If one doggo gets fed the others should be fed as well.” When informed that the issue in question was the order of the feeding and not if any Doggo should be left out of the feeding, she responded, “That is exactly the point I was trying to make.”  She then took the opportunity presented by the stunned reporters silence to state, “I pledge to work to ensure that all Doggos in the Pack are fed at least once a day.  We shouldn’t have to wait so long to be fed a second time each day.”  

Editor’s note:  After the interview concluded, the field reporter promptly quit and became a turnup farmer.

As can be clearly seen, even though all the candidates agree that food is important, they have a wide range of stances on how to address feeding order.  It is K9NN’s opinion that this will not be a “One Issue race”.  The battle for top dog is just heating up! Stay tuned to K9NN as your Election Headquarters

Let us know your opinion on what other K9 issues we need to address to help you evaluate these fine K9 Citizens and don’t forget to Vote for Leader of the Pack in November! 

Note:  Vote Dog 2020 is being performed as part of the Fetching Lab Brewery’s Save-A-Life program.  It is intended to be fun and to help raise visibility to the Save-A-Life Program, Pets in need and to Fetching Lab Brewery.  We are attempting to look at elections through a Doggos eyes.  Any similarity to any Hu-man candidates, issues, current events or other political ideology is unintentional and should be viewed as such. Let’s all have a little fun and help out some Doggos!

K9 News Network Election Update

K9 News Network Election Update

General Ranger R Ruffington at the FLB Taproom Command Center

During this time of unprecedented crisis, we here at KNN (K9 News Network) thought it would be a good time to check in with the four Doggos running for Leader of the Pack.  We met with each candidate to discuss the overall situation and see what advice they wish to pass on.  We first spoke to Bella R Dogga, leader of the United Retrievers Party.  Given her duties guiding Fetching Lab Brewery as well as running for Leader of the Pack we were quite pleased that she was able to give us and interview on such short notice.  “All I can say is that things are changing faster than a Chuck-It Ball thrown by and MLB star pitcher… and with this “don’t put things in your mouth” ban… have you ever tried retrieving a ball by kicking it?  What next, hitting it with a stick?”  Mrs. Dogga was gracious enough to show us around her Taproom.  “As you can see, we had to modify our business model to accommodate the reality of the Coronavirus epidemic.  Currently, every time we come up with a plan, before we can implement it, we have to change to something else based off changes to Federal and State guidelines.  It has been more annoying than the old “Fake Throw” used by “Dad” from time to time.  I am very pleased with the way my team responded.  To design and implement a totally new To-Go system on such short notice… that’s keeping your eye on the ball.”  When asked what advice she had for her constituents she simply said, “follow the guidelines that you are provided and don’t lick your paws … for now.”

We were fortunate that while we were at FLB Taproom, we had an opportunity to interview Prof. Oberon O P Sobbar who heads the Doggos Encouraging Reform Party.  He explained that this extreme social distancing requirement has giving him an excellent opportunity to gather more data on the Nap portion of his Grand Unifying Theory of “Enough”. “With every crisis there comes opportunity.  I was expending a lot more effort on Belly-Rub data gathering than I could afford.  Thanks to this priority shift, I now have data that confirms that naps can be a crucial part of Social Distancing for Doggos.”  Prof. Slobbar is a strong supporter of firsthand data gathering and believes that his work will change the lives of Doggos everywhere… if he can make the effort to publish it.  Regarding the Covid-19 epidemic he stated, “Hu-mans, with their obsession with numbers… why not Covid-food-bowl or Covid-Squeaky-Toy?”  He offered this advice to his constituents, “Just sleep it off and if you have to touch me, wash your paws.”  As of the writing of this article, he is deep in a data gathering session.

Given all his responsibilities with the Yard Advanced Protection Services and running of the FLB command center, General Ranger R Ruffington was very difficult to reach.  We did manage a phone interview with him which was challenging in and of itself as he lacks opposable thumbs to hold the phone. “I have been advocating for extreme Social Distancing for some time now.  The less people around Mom the better. It appears that my efforts have started to pay off.  Over the last few days, the humans have been coming to the Taproom in groups of 10 or less.”  He stated that the overall situation has been tricky as he has had to deal with Dad much more than normal, “It’s not too bad dealing with him from time to time but now, it’s like he thinks he lives here!”  When asked his stance of the Covid-19 epidemic he responded, “Exactly 3 feet outside the back door, facing the Yard, ears up!”  As to advice in handling the current epidemic, “If you want to stay healthy, stay off my lawn!”

Of the four candidates, we had the hardest time catching up with Piper U McPuppers.  Rumer has it that the Face First philosophy of the current Lickatarian Party leadership is struggling to gain traction in this time of epidemic.  We were able to catch up to Miss McPuppers at a rally in Alpine, TX.  Her only remark on the record was,  “Due to the CDC’s moratorium on licking things, the Lickitarian Party has no comment at this time”.

We would like to thank each of the candidates for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish them all the best of luck in their upcoming campaigns.

Meet The Candidates

Meet The Candidates!

Fetching Lab Brewery is proud to announce the start of our Leader of the Pack election process. Four proud candidates have been selected from their parties to run for the highest position in the Pack. Over the next few months, you will have time to get to know these proud Doggo-Americans and assess their stances on key Canine issues. You will be given opportunities to assist in their campaigns and influence their future decisions. The fate of the Pack rests on the snouts of one of these fine candidates so your vote will make a difference. Individual issues will be addressed in special releases throughout the rest of the voting season. The final election will be held in November (details to follow).

Vote Dog 2020 is part of our Save-A-Life program. Our goals are to raise awareness for some doggos in need while having a little fun in the process. So, putting our best paw forward, lets begin! Bookmark the Link below to follow along.

#FetchingLabBrewery, #SaveALife

Vote Dog!

United Retrievers
Doggos Encouraging Reform Party
Shepherds For Progress

During a recent family meeting, the Doggos asked us about all the excitement they had seen recently on the TV.  We carefully explained to them that an election was coming up where we “Hu-mans” would soon have a to choose who would lead our “Pack”.  This led to a discussion of counting and the Doggos quickly became confused, some fur was ruffled, and a few poorly framed jokes were made at our expense.  As all good fur-parents attempting to raise a well behaved and disciplined Pack would do, we patiently explained again, without any mention of numbers, that we let the Hu-man with the biggest “Pack” behind him/her be the leader.  When we explained that by “biggest” we don’t always mean the one with the most Doggos because the location of the Pack members was just as important as how many.  Once again, they quickly became lost and quite a few more jokes were made.  Being VERY patient Hu-mans, we decided to take a different approach.  We decided that the best way to teach them about elections was to allow them to “run” for Pack Leader in true Hu-man style.  

So, over the next few months, we will be assisting our Doggos in forming their own “Parties”, setting their own Platform stances, seeking out endorsements and fundraising.  To be honest, we are sugar coating some of the more distasteful aspects of Hu-man style politics and replacing them with activities that will inspire Civic-minded Doggos while also doing some good in the world by promoting our Save-a-Life program.  So, below are some definitions you may wish to familiarize yourself with to assist you in following along with this adventure.  (And please, never mention counting to the Doggos!)

  • Fundraising:  As we will be providing everything our Doggos need to run their “Campaigns”, we have told them fundraising is another term for collecting as much food and supplies for needy Doggos as possible.  So, if you hear that your favorite candidate is having a “Fundraising Event”, we strongly encourage you to drop by, say hello to the candidate and help out a needy hound buy donating pet supplies.  We have provided a box at the Taproom for you to place your donations into as you enter the front door.  We will ensure that the supplies are delivered to Doggos in need at local shelters/rescues.  
  • Campaign Headquarters:  In one of the strangest twists in politics, all four candidates opted to have their Campaign Headquarters at Fetching Lab Brewery Taproom… go figure.   
  • Town Hall Meetings:  In the Hu-man world, this is an opportunity for the candidate to meet the public they wish to represent and find out what issues are most important.  Instead, we told our Doggos that Town Hall Meetings are events where the public comes and meets needy Doggos to see if they can help them find Fur-ever Homes.  So, for this election, Town Hall Meetings = Dog Adoptions Days. 
  • Pollsters:  We also told the Doggos that we have hired “Pollsters” to gather election data from the Doggos that come to the Town Hall Meetings.  They are in fact, highly trained Veterinarians and technicians from Pet Vaccination Services, there to provide low cost pet vaccinations every other Saturday at FLB Taproom.
  • Endorsements:  In Hu-man politics, Endorsements are a way of showing that large groups or influential people support one set of ideas and/or values.  For our election, we have told the Doggos that THEY will have to go out and find pets that have been in the system for a long time or need a little help finding that perfect Fur-Ever Homes.  They will then “Endorse” the Doggos for Special Election Positions such as Minister of Snuggles Precinct 3 or Treat Czar of Galveston County and will run special campaign ads for them prior to “Town Hall Meetings” where you can “elect” your new official doggo.  So, keep an eye out as the perfect BFF (Best Fur-Friend) may be waiting for you.  Please keep in mind, only the Doggos that are in the Local Special Elections are up for Adoption… The Candidates for Leader of the Pack are NOT up for adoption as they are needed for key positions at Fetching Lab Brewery.   
  • Celebrity Endorsements:  We are hoping to attract Organizations, Companies and/or individuals to help with the “Campaigns” by either assisting with events, donating to local shelters or sponsoring an adoption by paying the Adoption Fees of one of the local candidates.   So, if you find that you wish to give, please let us know and we will make sure you are a star.
  • Voter Registration: will now refer to filling out Adoption Applications.
  • More to come……

We are looking forward to teaching our Doggos about the election process and encourage you to follow along.  If something in one of our posts does not make sense, send us a note or come back to the Blog (located at: ) as we plan on posting explanations and updates on an as-needed basis.

Note:  This activity is being performed as part of the Fetching Lab Brewery’s Save-A-Life program.  It is intended to be fun and to help raise visibility to the Save-A-Life Program, Pets in need and to Fetching Lab Brewery.  We are attempting to look at elections through a Doggos eyes.  Any similarity to any Hu-man candidates, issues, current events or other political ideology is unintentional and should be viewed as such. Let’s all have a little fun and help out some Doggos!

Meet The Candidates!

Note: The Doggos are all working hard at building out their own detailed profiles, and platforms. These will be posted soon. Keep checking back!

Blog from the Dog #6

Written by Bella – Fetching Lab CEO

IMG_0411-1I’ve got  so much to tell you and I’m so excited that I don’t know if my tail will stop wagging long enough for me to sit, stay, and type (but let’s give it a shot).

First, we are so excited to be back in the market on the shelves and tap walls around the city!  Thank you again for all of your support and making our little brewery part of the greater Houston Beer culture!  And speaking of beer culture, how about those Astros?!  World Champions!  My only question is, “Why do they have people chasing foul balls hit inside the park?”  Not that I’m looking to step down as CEO of a brewery, but that sounds like a perfect job for a dog like me.



Dogs areBety good for all kinds of jobs, and some jobs are worthy of Meritorious Service; which is our next BIG announcement.  While we hope that you’ll come out and join us at the brewery every Saturday, mark your calendars for this Saturday, November 11th when we honor a German Shepard named Bety and her handler, Melissa in a salute to veterans.  Bety is a distinguished patrol, explosive detection dog who served our country from September 6th, 2011 to June 1, 2017.  During that time she supported Operation Enduring Freedom and dedicated over 200 hours to successfully completing 534 explosive sweeps for the United States Secret Service and Department of State.  Over 2,500 random antiterrorism enforcement, security, and integrated defense missions were executed by Bety, in support of United States Strategic Command Objectives.  All of this earned her the distinctive accomplishments of “Military Working Dog”.


Brett and Theresa spoke with Melissa about coming out to the brewery to meet all of you, so I took a moment to speak with Bety and find out a little bit more about what makes her “tick” (pun – she’s a bomb sweeping dog!)

Me: Bety, on behalf of man and canine, thank you for your service.

Bety: You’re welcome.  It was my pleasure.  My handlers were great and serving our country was an honor.

Me: So are you still working or are you retired?

Bety: I relax all the time.  I love the couch and car rides…

Me: I KNOW!  Aren’t car rides GREAT!

Bety: Yeah.  And if you ever get a chance to ride in a Humvee I highly recommend it.

Me:  SWEET!  So you like relaxation and car rides.  Have you ever gone anywhere exotic?

Bety:  You mean besides Afghanistan?

Me:  Is Afghanistan exotic?  I wouldn’t know.  It’s all foreign to me (get it?).

Bety:  You’re pretty funny.  Is that why everyone likes to hang out at your brewery?

Me:  Well, I like to think so, but I’m guessing my jokes and cranberry juice wouldn’t draw much of a crowd, so I have to give the beer some of the credit.

Bety:  Probably.

Me:  Hey, it looks like we’re going to be seeing you on Saturday the 11th; do you have anything you want to share with our fans?

Bety:  Yes.  I understand you’re working with The HIKE for Mental Health folks to raise funds to support our veterans suffering with PTSD.

Me:  We are!  HIKE for Mental Health and Pearland Parks will be hosting the event and we’re supporting them by collecting donations and the Brewery will be donating a dollar from every beer we sell to this worthy cause.

Bety:  That’s awesome.  So if you can’t get out there for the walk, come see me and Melissa next Saturday and please consider a donation to support our troops.

Alright you guys.  You heard Bety; get out to the brewery!  We are so excited to have Bety and Melissa here tomorrow:

• We’re open from 1-5pm.
• We’ll have a food truck: Greedy’s
• There’s live music with local favorite Chris Hardy

• $1 for every beer will be donated to support Veterans

• We have brand new growlers as part of our growler adoption program (take one home… or two!)


Our seasonal Midnight Watch Porter is pouring nicely in fine beer establishments all over the city, and we’re going to be unveiling a new “at the brewery only” beer.  “Challenge Accepted” is our new Challenger Hop SMATH beer.  I’m so excited (oh look, there goes my tail again)!   I will have to tell you more about my SMATH program later.

Honoring troops (two and four legs), adopting growlers, new beers… get to the brewery!  And bring your friends (canine and human) because we all love a car ride to the brewery.



Dog with a Blog #5

Written by Bella – Fetching Lab CCO



You ever look at a dog and wonder what we’re thinking?  Well wonder no more!  Crack a beer and get comfortable because I’m going to let you inside the mind of a yellow Labrador retriever and the CCO (Chief Canine Officer) of a brewery.



First, a poem…

“Old mother Hubbard went to the fridge to get herself a beer

But when she got there, all the Fetching Lab was gone.

So she went to the store, to buy more.”


We Labs are smart, but I never said we could rhyme.  Not only does it sound better in its original language, but I’ve seen some of the things you humans write.  Let’s just say “you haven’t mastered the English language yet either.”  All these deep thoughts and expressions I put down on paper really have me pondering the happenings here at the brewery.  Forgive my self-indulgent look of deep introspect and self-reflection, but we dogs must have these moment in order to successfully run a brewery you know!

Speaking of business, you have probably noticed that there was a “season” when you couldn’t find our beers on the shelves of your favorite beer store or on tap at your favorite bar.  Well, those “dog days” are over!  We are back in production and beer is not only flowing at the brewery, but out of the brewery and to your favorite spot to drink (Watering-Bowl?).  So look for Fetching Lab and if you don’t see it, “bark” at your local beer buyer (ask nicely, and don’t bite).

Not only are our products back in town, but we now have Eric Andreas and Aaron Brown helping us get the job done!  That’s right.  I hired a couple of beer pros to help Theresa and Brett.  As it turns out, they not only know how to throw a tennis ball, but they know how to sell beer too.  Yup, these guys have upper management potential written all over them!

Besides hiring a couple more “human ball launchers” that know a thing or seven about beer (Get it… “Seven”… because in dog years, one is seven.  Get it?), our Growler Adoption program continues to bring happiness to lonely half gallon jugs of glass and to the people who take them home filled with Fetching Lab beer.  And, while we were fortunate to have not sustained any damage during the flood, not all of our brewing and beer drinking friends were as fortunate.  So, this Saturday when I am opening the brewery from 1-5PM, and will be donating $1.00 from every beer sold to help our community with the relief effort.  We’ll have Adolph’s BBQ, Bobby Territo will be playing music for us, AND we have a new beer!

Midnight Watch Porter is a 6.2% English Style Porter.  We’re experimenting with different varieties of this which will show up later down the road, but this is very dry, roasty, full-flavored, medium bodied, well-rounded porter.  Geez… I’m panting just thinking about it.  Come out to the brewery this Saturday and drink for a good cause with the Bay Area Mashtronauts homebrew club and Girls Pint Out.  Of course you can bring your four-legged friends, but the more two-legged friends you bring, the more we can help those who need it.

So as you can see, I’ve had a lot on my mind, but it’s all been great!  We’re selling beer all over Houston (check out the “Find Us” and “Events” tab on the web page), we have two new great humans, the brewery is open this Saturday, Growler Adoptions are up, we’re drinking for a cause this weekend, and we have Midnight Watch Porter.  Makes you wonder why they refer to “the dog days” as a negative thing?  Hmm.  I guess I have more pondering to do.  Keep drinking; I’ll be in my study.




Dog with a Blog #4

Written by Bella – Fetching Lab CEO

IMG_0411-1I’m a Yellow Lab and the CEO, and as such, I want a dog friendly brewery. After all, 44% of Americans own a dog and 44% of Americans drink beer. COINCIDENCE?! I think not. By the way, only 29% of Americans own a cat. That’s called “WINNING!” Score – Dogs: 1 / Cats: 0.

Here at Fetching Lab we have the perfect environment for people to drink great beer, relax, and bring your dog out for an enjoyable afternoon. And with the success of our “Adopt a Growler Program” (more about this in a moment), people are getting sentimental and taking beer home! That’s love.

A lot of people ask me, “Isn’t it hard to blog without opposable thumbs?”, and the answer is “YES!” It takes about 8 minutes to log in with Brett’s password (DogLoverBeerMakerTheresaLover123)… and yes, it’s case sensitive.) But as a boss who likes to stay in touch with the public, I have a duty to you, the loyal Fetching Lab beer drinker, to keep you informed as to what’s “brewing” out here (“What’s brewing”. Beer pun… get it?).

We get lots of visitors at Fetching Lab Brewery; two-legged and four, but the other day we had the biggest dogs we’ve ever seen. People were actually riding on them! They’re huge! I wanted to find out more about this unusual breed and what they loved about our brewery, so I interviewed one of them who was “amazing”. His name is Shiloh.

IMG_0997Bella: Thanks for coming out to the brewery. Hey, why are you eating the lawn?

Shiloh: It’s pronounced “hay”, it’s what I do.

Bella: What kind of dog eats “hay”?

Shiloh: I’m a horse.

Bella: Never heard of that breed.

Shiloh: I’m not a dog, I’m a HORSE. No more beer for you.

Bella: That would explain your accent. Do people throw balls and do you get to fetch them?

Shiloh: No. They climb on me and ride around. My friends and I brought our people to the brewery today.

Bella: They climb on you?! That doesn’t sound like fun at all.

Shiloh: Neither does chasing a ball. That’s a lot of running.

Bella: But I have a “ball” doing it… see what I did there? Dog pun!

Shiloh: Not funny.

Bella: Sure it is. What’s not funny is you eating the lawn!

Shiloh: I told you, it’s “Hay”, and it tastes great. My people say the same thing about your beer.

Bella: Hey! That’s awesome! See what I did there? “HEY”… not “HAY”. Word pun… HEY!

Shiloh: Still not funny.

Bella: Tough crowd. Maybe you should have a beer.

Shiloh: You know I can drink beer from the taps while standing on the other side of the bar?

Bella: Now you’re just showing off.

Shiloh: Yeah, but I wanted you to know that if you don’t get me a beer soon, I’m going to get my own. Don’t you own this place?

Bella: I’ll see what I can do. “Hay (hehe) Wes… Bring some beer for these horses!”

Shiloh: Have you seen that movie?

Bella: What movie?

Shiloh: “Beer for my horses”

Bella: No.

Shiloh: It’s a big tease. There are no horses drinking beer in that movie. There aren’t even any horses. So yeah, I’ll take a beer. Somebody owes me one to make amends for false movie advertising.

Bella: Don’t get mad at me. It’s not like I made the movie.

Shiloh: True. But you’re in the unique position to show all these people that there needs to be beer for their horses.

Bella: Some of us dogs drink beer too.

Shiloh: For a canine, you sure know how to speak my language.

It was great meeting Shiloh and his friends. I hope he and his people come back soon. I guess that means we’re not just a dog friendly brewery, but pet friendly too. Everyone is welcome here, even horses; except for those Clydesdales. Shiloh tells me the ones from St. Louis are the worst!

Other than chasing balls and talking to horses, there are other fun things happening, but you need to get out here and see for yourself.

I will be opening the Brewery this Saturday 5/27/17 from 1-5 AM. Come on a out and enjoy a beer as well as music by Chris Hardy and food by Corey’s Kitchen food truck.

On a very happy note, our growlers continue to find good homes with beer lovers everywhere. We thank you for your support. And, unlike adopting a cat, adopting a growler brings joy. (Oberon says I’m not supposed to talk that way about cats. Oops!) You can even adopt a growler for someone else. Trust me, they’ll love it! Feel free to call us for hours. As you know the weather and offsite events can impact our daily hours.

Thanks for supporting our brewery, drinking beer, loving dogs, and reading blogs! Now come out and see us… you can travel by car, foot, or horseback!



Blog from the Dog #3

Written by Bella – Fetching Lab CEO


Welcome to February, where you should be well on your way to breaking all those New Year resolutions. But as your loyal friend and Labrador in charge, I’d like to help you not be a statistic, and instead, be a success in the months to come.

“Commit to drinking more Fetching Lab beer in 2017 and you’ll succeed!”

Oberon and Buddy just told me that our lawyers forbid us from making such claims without a disclaimer; so here goes…

DISCLAIMER: “Results may vary.”

I don’t even know if it’s possible to sue a dog, even if I am the boss, but why take a chance. Regardless, I know how to get out of trouble. Just a couple weeks ago I destroyed one of the toys my humans bought me, and though Brett posted the video to show my shame, he couldn’t stay mad. Yeah, he has me eating treats out of his hand, But I’ve got him and Theresa wrapped around my paw. SCORE! Dogs: 1 – People: 0.

Regardless of the score, there is a reason that we dogs are “man’s best friend”. People and dogs go together, and as it turns out, beer and dogs go together as well. Now I’m not making any scientific claim here, because after all, I’m not a veterinarian, but have you ever noticed that people who like dogs are generally happier than people who don’t like dogs? And we’ve noticed that we have some of the nicest customers in the beer business, which means that people who drink good beer are generally happier as well. So in conclusion… make the resolution to be a happier person in 2017. Love dogs and enjoy good beer!

Part of a happy lifestyle is getting out to a brewery, where you’ll surround yourself with other happy people. Speaking of which, we’ve got a few things going on here in Alvin that you should check out.

Growler Adoption Program
Many 64oz companions have found homes, but many more are needed. We encourage you to consider giving a home to these wonderful containers, and remember to bring them back to the brewery where we will fill them up with your favorite beer for even more enjoyment. Growler Fills available at the brewery Tuesday through Friday from 4-7pm and this Saturday 1-5pm unless I say otherwise. Hey, a Lab has the right to change her mind and sometimes I need to go out and hang with the pack at other events. If I leave the brewery unsupervised, there is no telling what troubles the humans will get into. Have you seen the pic of Brett covered in beer? Just look at what I have to work with here!



So check my web page, Facebook or call to verify our hours.




50 Shades of Blue
Not to be confused with a popular novel, this is a limited release blend of our fan-favorite Blue Mischief Blueberry Ale, and most recent release, Bound and Determined Chile Stout. This Blueberry Stout has all of us panting with our tongues out just waiting to taste it. Look for 50 Shades of Blue in our tap room and in finer bars everywhere because this one of a kind batch will be going quickly.

We’re Turning 14 on the 14th
This month marks the Brewery’s 14th Anniversary. (That would be the 2nd Anniversary in human years). I’ve got Buddy and Oberon working on this project. The official celebration will be on Saturday, February 11th from 1PM to 5PM. Follow us on Facebook or keep checking our website to learn more. Not to mention that our good friends at Skallywag Suds N’ Grub will be throwing us a pre-celebration on Today (Feb 9th) starting at 6.

With all this excitement my tail couldn’t stop wagging even if I wanted it to. Come out to the brewery this Saturday. If you have your growler already adopted, bring it along. Bring your dog too (we see you leave and have no idea when you’re coming back). And tell a friend to meet you there for a beer!



After Bella hijacked my computer the other day (see her blog post for details), I decided it was time for us to have a little heart to snout talk about boundaries and respecting other people’s property and privacy (Really, I swear I was only on Victoria’s Secret to buy some perfume for Theresa.) Just because she has her own brewery, does not mean she can do whatever she wants. Over a pint of beer (or two) and a raw-hide bone we had a long chat over a number of topics. Turns out dogs are very well informed on world politics… who knew? Around midnight she confessed that given all of the success that she had with the brewery, she felt as if she should be doing more for those less fortunate in her life. She laid out her vision of a bold new initiative to raise awareness of an issue that she felt has been under-addressed (her word not mine) for some time. That of the growing number of homeless and neglected Growlers in our community. The other day she saw a whole pallet of them… just sitting there, all lonely and empty inside with nothing to give their lives purpose. After much back and forth… and back and forth…. And back and forth (it’s a dog thing) we are proud to announce the new Fetching Lab Growler Adoption Initiative.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out a number of new services such as Adopt a Growler Days, Lectures on how to care for and train your new Growler and maybe even some cool new Growler accessories to liven up and personalize your growler.

So over the next few weeks we will be working out Growler Fill hours in the evenings.  They may change from week to week as we find what works best for everyone.  So watch our schedule and come out to Fetching Lab Brewery we will be adopting out lonely Growlers.  We look forward to seeing you and thanks for assisting Bella in her Community outreach.




Blog from the Dog

Written by Bella – Fetching Lab CEO
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and for a beer!”

Hey, it’s me Bella again. You know; the dog with a blog. The boss. The CEO. The Lab in charge of the lab… and everything else here at the brewery. Remember me? I know it’s been awhile, but I don’t have opposable thumbs so I have to wait until Brett leaves his laptop unattended. Fortunately for me, he did so after a long night of online shopping for Theresa. What’s Victoria’s secret anyway?

Speaking of gifts, we have some amazing friends visiting the brewery this weekend. Blood Sweat and Beers and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will be out here collecting toys for Big Love who give to hospitalized children in Houston. You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat children and pets. Well, the Blood Sweat and Beers folks love both, so I talked it over with Oberon and Buddy and we decided to help them out. Bring a $5.00 unwrapped toy to the brewery this Saturday to brighten Christmas for a child in the hospital and we’ll give you a beer! That’s right! Bring a toy for a great cause and you get rewarded twice – you get the joy of making Christmas a little bit brighter for a child who needs it, and you get a free beer. We’re dogs, so you know how we love toys. Not to worry though; we’ve agreed that this is such a good cause we’re not going to chew through the packaging. We know, but you can still say it… “Good dog.”

The taps will be open this Saturday from 1-5PM. Bring your most loyal companion (two or four-legged). $15.00 gets you three pints and a pint glass (don’t forget your toy for a free pint).

On a completely different note, this time of year you may notice a certain Dalmatian from St. Louis riding around with pomp and circumstance on a horse-drawn red wagon. Well, we’ve looked at this and frankly, we can’t figure what the fuss is about. I guess he’s just part of the “Lucky Litter Club”. But then again, are you really lucky if you have to deliver watered down beer made with rice and corn? We’re not jealous because after all, we make the kind of beer people like to drink. You know – beer with flavor! Well, with that in mind, we have an announcement to make.

Fetching Lab has obtained a brewpub license! Well scratch my ear and toss the tennis ball; this means we can sell beer to go! And with our license in place, we have started bottling some of our delicious beers. First up… Bound and Determined! Under the cap of this delicious chile stout you will find the aromas of chocolate, vanilla, and chiles, and the taste of roasted malt, sweet flavors, and a subtle spice note that will make you smile like a child at Christmas.

Bound and Determined is a seasonal, limited release beer that you can find on finer tap walls throughout the area and in 22oz bomber bottles. Ask for it at your favorite beer store or just pick it up at the brewery this Saturday (it makes a great stocking stuffer).

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Beer!

We’ll see you and your toys this Saturday, and if you find out what Victoria’s secret is please tell me. It must be great because I’ve never seen Brett smile that much.