After Bella hijacked my computer the other day (see her blog post for details), I decided it was time for us to have a little heart to snout talk about boundaries and respecting other people’s property and privacy (Really, I swear I was only on Victoria’s Secret to buy some perfume for Theresa.) Just because she has her own brewery, does not mean she can do whatever she wants. Over a pint of beer (or two) and a raw-hide bone we had a long chat over a number of topics. Turns out dogs are very well informed on world politics… who knew? Around midnight she confessed that given all of the success that she had with the brewery, she felt as if she should be doing more for those less fortunate in her life. She laid out her vision of a bold new initiative to raise awareness of an issue that she felt has been under-addressed (her word not mine) for some time. That of the growing number of homeless and neglected Growlers in our community. The other day she saw a whole pallet of them… just sitting there, all lonely and empty inside with nothing to give their lives purpose. After much back and forth… and back and forth…. And back and forth (it’s a dog thing) we are proud to announce the new Fetching Lab Growler Adoption Initiative.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out a number of new services such as Adopt a Growler Days, Lectures on how to care for and train your new Growler and maybe even some cool new Growler accessories to liven up and personalize your growler.

So over the next few weeks we will be working out Growler Fill hours in the evenings.  They may change from week to week as we find what works best for everyone.  So watch our schedule and come out to Fetching Lab Brewery we will be adopting out lonely Growlers.  We look forward to seeing you and thanks for assisting Bella in her Community outreach.




Fixing the Parking lot!

This weekend we will NOT be open at the brewery. Possibly next weekend too. We decided we need to bite the bullet and get the drainage fixed on the property. This will hopefully make us less susceptible to rain and flood problems.

The excavator will be starting work tomorrow, the land is finally dry and not holding water so it’s best to do this now incase we start getting rains like we did last year again. We will take pictures so you can follow along with the excitement. Once all of this is done, we hope it will mean we can set a regular brewery schedule.


Bound and Determined Chile Stout releases 11/6/15

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bound and Determined Chile Stout releases November 6, 2015!

Join us at Nobi Public House for our release party on that day and lets celebrate together.

You have been waiting patiently for this chocolately, vanilla, chile awesomeness in a glass and the wait is almost over! This will be our first seasonal beer to hit the markets and there is a limited quantity so get it while you can.

Kegs are beginning to roll out the door going to your local craft beer establishments, keep an eye on our webpage where we tell you all of the great locations you can find Fetching Lab beers.


Living the brewery life

It has been getting crazy around here and we havent taken the time to sit down and write out a blog post as often as we should.  Things have really been going pretty good at the brewery.  We have had several events and are finally opening back up to the public now that it doesnt feel like we are camped out on the sun and fall has arrived.

With that said, come out and visit us at the brewery this Saturday, October 3rd 1-5pm.  We will be open and enjoying a lovely fall day at the brewery.  We hope to see you.  As always, feel free to bring a picnic, your family and your dog.  Lawn chairs are always recommended, we have lots of space but limited seating.

Yesterday we met up with Interbrews for an interview.  That was a blast!  If you havent heard of them, we highly recommend checking them out.  We will post a link to the recording once it goes live.

In other brewery news, we have brewed the Bound and Determined Chile Stout in a large batch.  It is not out on the market yet, but stay tuned, we will let you know when the launch party will be.  We know everyone is super excited about that!

For in house brews, we have also begun playing around with a couple of recipes that will only be available in the brewery for now.  They will be small batch offerings that allow us to get creative and play with different flavors.

We appreciate your support as we are entering our 7th month of operations.  Keep asking for us at your local craft beer hang out.  Let us know if there is somewhere you think we should be on tap, we will try to get there so you can have your favorite Fetching Lab beer anywhere you go.

Busy Busy Busy

It has been a little while since we posted a new blog entry.  We apologize for that.  It has been very busy around here and it’s about to get really fun!  We know that being busy is no excuse not to still take a moment and share with you what is going on and any upcoming events.  Prepare yourself, this will be a long one!

First of all…. HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY!  We here at Fetching Lab Brewery appreciate all of the dogs that make our lives better just by being in them.  We hope that you give your special friend a little extra love today from us.  Our three will be getting spoiled.  But that’s nothing new.  As part of National Dog Day we hope that if you are thinking of getting a dog, you consider adopting/rescuing.  There are lots of dogs waiting to find loving homes.

With that said, lets move on to the news!

6 Teumessian Fox Label RGB 300dpiFirst of all, we have brewed up our Teumessian Fox Pale Ale in the big system and are ready to release it to the world (well Houston for now)!  Come out to our Release Party at The Cock and Bull British Pub and Restaurant in Seabrook, this Friday (Aug 28) at 6pm.  We have an event on our events page for more details.  Help us celebrate.  We will have Round Up Amber and Laelaps IPA on tap as well.  Come spend the evening with us at this great location.

The events keep coming. Check out our events page and facebook for all of the events.

banner_990x360 As many of you may know, September 4-6 is Galveston’s Brewmaster Festival.  This will be our first year participating as a brewery.  The view from the other side of the table will be quite different.  We hope to see you there. Come say hi to us, and get a taste of what we have to offer.

Friday September 4th we will be kicking off the festival at the Brew Bash and following up on Saturday September 5th with the Brewhaha Grand Tasting. (We will be bringing out one of our favorite small batch beers for the Brewhaha event for a little fun!)

After the brew fest, we have a couple of Tap Takeovers planned that are still in work, but keep an eye out here and on social media, we will be posting details as we know more.


August and September are proving to be fun and busy months for us, we hope the trend continues!  Thank you for all of your support, it’s busy because people like you are enjoying our craft. We are getting our beer into new places all of the time.  We keep a list of all of the fine locations that carry our beer.  Sometimes we are on rotation but keep asking for it at the bars and we will keep working to get it on tap for you!  If you have a suggestion on where we should try, let us know.  We appreciate any and all of your feedback.

We hope to see you at one of the upcoming events!  Give your dog some love from us.


Just a regular Blog Post


Things have been hopping at the brewery lately.  We have not had a day at the brewery event in the last couple of weeks but we have been Brewing up a storm.  Laelaps and the Teumessian Fox are in the fermenter and Breaktime will be getting some time in the big system this weekend.  We also have a couple of small batch beers that will be ready for our next open day.

We have been working on getting our beer out to more places for you to enjoy it.  We are distributing both Round Up Amber and Laelaps IPA.  Ask your local bartender for them.  Keep an eye on our “Find Us” page as we are constantly updating it with where you can find Fetching Lab beer.

Today (Friday July 31), there is a great new bar opening up in East Downtown near the convention center and stadiums.  It’s called EaDo’s.  They are having their grand opening celebration starting at 2:00pm.  We will be on tap, and raising a few pints in celebration.  We hope all of you get a chance to come by.  It should be a good time.

Tomorrow (Saturday August 1) we will be at the Lunar Rendebrew event in Clearlake.  This event is an annual event celebrating all things homebrew and put on by the Bay Area Mashtronauts.  It is open to the public, you can buy tickets online or at the door.

Have a great weekend! We hope to see some of you at EaDo’s and the Lunar Rendebrew!

Launch Party pics

Wow! What an amazing night! Our Launch Party at Gordon Street Tavern was amazing!  We kicked 3 kegs and put a pretty good hurt on the other two! We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.  Thank you!

Now that the new day is here, are you wondering where else you can find our beer?  We have an answer for you!  You can find Round Up Amber at Nobi Public House, Dickinson BBQ, Firehouse Saloon and of course Gordon Street Tavern.  We will be updating our page so you will always know where we have kegs. I’m sure there will be many more to come!


imageimage image image image image image


Weekend Tasting Events CANCELLED

  We are sad to announce that this weekends tasting events are CANCELLED due to the weather. (Both March 13 and 14th)

3.5 inches of rain Sunday/Monday (and more yesterday/today)is just too much for the already saturated ground. We have major ponding all around the property and everyone’s cars would get stuck in the mud.

There is no area dry enough for us to even get creative.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but in an effort to make sure you and your property are safe while visiting the Brewery, we have to make the tough decision.

We will be announcing our next open day as soon as we are confident we have dried out enough.  Everyone think warm sunny thoughts.

Here are some pictures taken before it started to rain again yesterday.  It’s only gotten worse since it’s been raining non-stop since yesterday afternoon.

ponding 3 ponding 2 ponding 1