FETCHING LAB NEWS ALERT! (sarcastic humor warning😉)

Well Fudgesickles!!! Office of the Governor Greg Abbott has stumbled on a tactic that has worked well in so many political crisis… Scapegoats! He has decided that the recent rise in Covid-19 MUST be the nefarious work of the Bars that have recently been plaguing Texas citizens. In a clever effort to halt our evil plans, he has issued a surprisingly narrowly focused Shutdown Order (Rafting??? really???🤨) We will have more on that in a future post… Please stand by.

That said, Fetching Lab is forced to enact our backup plan. We call it “The Evil, He’s-On-To-Us-So-Hurry-And-Cause-As-Much-Chaos-As-Possible-Plan-of-Evil.“😁

The Plan is as Follows:
– Continue to follow or exceed all Federal, state, county, city, CDC, rules/recommendations/guidelines/hints/rumors as possible. That should cause some real chaos!!!! 😄

– We will be open Wed – Fri from 2:00PM to 9:00PM and Sat/Sun Noon until 9:00PM. This is until Greg Abbott deems to remember us small business owners that have been struggling to survive for months now while doing everything else he has said for us to do and rescinds his order. It is possible our hours may change as the situation changes and we will let you know if they do. Thank you for having patience with us as we adjust.

– You may still come into the Taproom and place a ToGo Order or go to our online Store to place an order for Pick Up. We will do curbside delivery if you would like.

The online store front can be accessed at:


– No drinking will be allowed in the Taproom… unless Office of the Governor Greg Abbott decides to drop by for one of our fantastic brews …. and then, what could we do to stop him? (On a serious note… if Greg Abbott wishes to swing by and talk, we would treat him as an honored guest and would LOVE to talk to him regarding the situation.)

– We WILL still be having our Pet Vaccination event on Saturday 6/27. We believe that one health crisis should not create another. This will be held outside and the same social distancing rules that we’ve been maintaining will still be in place.

Please stay tuned for a more details, with or without humor, we don’t know, it’s chaos, our plan is working!🤣

On a serious note. We want to sincerely thank you so much for all your support. We truly appreciate it and will miss seeing your smiling faces and the amazing conversations while our taproom is closed for dine-in. We hope to see you soon! CHEERS! 🍻 💖
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Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations 4/25/20

As most Americans, Fetching Lab has been closely following world events surrounding the Covid-19 epidemic. We hope all of you and your families are doing well. We firmly believe that while this crisis is still in effect, we cannot allow other health related issues to be ignored. We have seen numerous posts from individuals looking to get vaccinations for their Pets but have had challenges due to limited Vet hours or Vets that have temporarily closed. With this, Fetching Lab Taproom, after consulting local officials for instructions, will continue with our bi-monthly low-cost pet vaccination days at the Taproom (221 6th St N, Texas City, 77590). The next event will take place April 25 from 2PM until 4:45PM. Social distancing will be enforced. This is a public service event, not a social gathering until the stay at home orders are removed.

If your pets need their vaccinations, please review and be prepared for the below scenarios:

#1 No Rain: If the weather is cooperating (no rain) we will hold the event outside of the Taproom in the yard area as we have for previous Vaccination Days. This will allow plenty of room for the recommended 6 Feet of Social Distancing. As Doggos are very bad with social distancing in general we will be placing marks to remind them how to keep their distance.

#2 Raining: If it does start to rain, we will have Pet Vaccination Service set up inside at the back of the taproom. In this situation, we request that you enter through the Taproom’s single side-door entrance (3rd Avenue) to check in your pet. The front door will be for Fetching Lab Taproom Beer To-Go customers. We will have signs on the doors to assist. The staff will take your phone number and then request that you wait in your car. You will be called when it is your turn with the doctor. This will allow us to ensure social distancing requirements are met, including not having more than 10 people in the facility. This will also physically separate pet vaccinations from regular business customers to ensure the safety of both. We will of course be sanitizing the facility as always for your safety.

During this time, Fetching Lab Beer will be available only in To-Go formats. Our Dining area is still closed, and we will not be serving for onsite consumption. If you would like to order online prior to your visit you can do so here: https://fetchinglabbrewery.square.site/

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New Beer Release 4/18/20

New Beer Release 4/18/20

New Beer Alert!!! Today we release a new beer, Midnight Quarantine!

This 10.8 ABV Imperial Porter, is lightly soured, and aged in Garrison Brothers Whiskey Barrels for 24 months. It is a unique bending of three elements, the deep maltiness common to the Midnight Watch Porter, the vanilla and caramel notes common to Garrison Brother Whiskeys, paired with a mild palette cleansing tartness.

Multiple ways to get your Fetching Lab:

Menu Update 4/4/2020

Menu Update 4/4/2020

Hello everyone out there. Hope you are all doing well. Here is our updated menu.

To place an order, visit our On-Line ToGo page at: https://fetchinglabbrewery.square.site/

We also take call/text orders at 281-414-7355, or just drop on in to place a to-go order.

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Join us for a #CurbsideCrawl !

Hey craft beer lovers, we virtually got together with some of our friends to bring you this Curbside Crawl 🚘!!! It’s like a pub crawl, but for beer to-go 🍺. We rallied together to present a fun & safe opportunity to help support the local businesses you know and love. Participants can purchase beer/merch/gift cards from 4 out of the 5 participating locations by April 3rd (or until normal business resumes).

All you have to do is:

• Use hashtag #CurbsideCrawl
• Post a photo of each location purchase to your feed & tag the place of business OR email photos to info@bakfishbrewing.com
When normal business resumes, we’ll put everyone who completes 4 stops into a live drawing for 2 participants to win 3 $25 gift cards from participating locations. The 1st name drawn will get a choice of which 3 GC they’d like. The 2nd name drawn will get the remaining GC’s (unless we get more). Please use extra sanitary precautions while partaking in this individual person crawl. If more like-minded businesses would like to participate, please reach out to info@bakfishbrewing.com.

We would like to thank our friends at Bakfish Brewing Company for organizing and heading up this awesome event.

Current Participating Locations are:

Bakfish Brewing Company
Vallensons’ Brewing Company
Fetching Lab Brewery
Saloon Door Brewing
DUO Winery & Cider Co.

The Fetching Lab Menu has been updated below. We want to make ordering convenient and safe for you. You can order Online, Call/text 281-414-7355, or walk in. Whatever is best for you!

We will deliver curbside if you would like so you do not have to get out of your vehicle. Just call us when you arrive and we will take care of you!

Beer To Go/Pick up

Starting Today

Today’s business as unusual begins the two weeks (says here in fine print) of Beer To-Go/Pick up only. We will be open 7 days a week 12-8pm until we are able to get back to normal operations.

Come on in and get your growlers filled or grab a crowler of your favorite Fetching Lab Brews to go!!!🍺🍻🍺🍻

We have multiple ways we will take orders for Pick-up.

1. Order Online. We have built an online order page for your convenience. You can make your choices and pay all in convenient and secure process. Use the “shop now” button on our facebook, or use the button below. It will direct you to our online ordering system with the most up to date menu. 💻📱🖥

2. Call or text in your order to 281-414-7355. Leave a message with your name/number if there is no answer.📞☎️

3. Direct message us on Facebook. We will get your order ready for pick-up

4. Show up and make an order in person.

Some ways we haven’t quite figured out how to accept orders: Smoke Signals, Telepathy, Morse Code, and whale song. We are working hard at figuring it out though!

If you would like curbside delivery, just give us a ring, when you arrive.

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Taproom Update! 3/20/2020


Today we would like to start our status update amidst the COVID-19 crisis on a personal note. We want to thank all of you for your support these last few days. Everything has been appreciated; sharing and interacting with our social media, tagging us in other posts, sending us your ideas, coming by and purchasing beer and so much more. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful community of people around us.

So with that said, lets get to the hops and barley of the post!

Yesterday our plans were changed for us by Governor Abbotts mandate to close all dining rooms and only allow pick-up/to-go orders. This order starts at midnight tonight. We have decided that during this order, some changes will be made.

  • 1. Tonight is the last night for the Taproom to be open until April 4th (says here in fine print). We will be open 3-9pm tonight but also encouraging Pickup to-go orders.
  • 2. Starting Tomorrow, Our new hours of operation for pick-up To-Go Orders, until this is all over will be 12-8 EVERY DAY! Yes. You will be able to get Fetching Lab Brews any day you want for the next couple weeks.

To Support this and to enhance the safety of our customers we are introducing a new Online ordering system. This is hosted by Square, so your orders will be secure. If you would like curbside deliver, just call us at 281-414-7355 when you get here and we will run your order out to you. (Must be 21, as usual)

Just go to: https://fetchinglabbrewery.square.site/ to make your order.

If you would like to call or text an order, you can call 281-414-7355. Whichever way is more convenient for you!

We will be keeping the online order form up to date with the current available tap list and size options.

Thank you again for all the support you have shown us.