beer and flowers

Welcome to the
Fetching Lab Brewery!

The Fetching Lab Brewing Company was founded in 2012 with a goal of producing high quality great tasting beer that can be enjoyed by a wide range of palates.  It has taken us several years to turn our dream into a reality and are finally ready brew for you in early 2015. Just like the Labrador Retriever we have a strong desire to please our customers with a blend of hard work and intelligence.

We take pride in every offering we produce and live by the motto “Smart dogs making great beer for hard working people.

The Facility

The current Fetching Lab Brewery manufacturing facility is located  near Alvin Texas.  While somewhat difficult to find, the location was chosen for its small town charm while still maintaining access to the Houston market.  The facility is considered a startup location with plans to purchase a larger facility after a few years of Operations.  As of December 21, 2018 we now have a taproom located in Texas City where we can provide our customers Fetching Lab products without the weather dependence we have previously experienced.

The Staff

brettBrett Bray:  Owner. Brett currently holds degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Genetics and has worked as a scientist with NASA’s Human Research Facility and as a field force manager for a large Brokerage Firm.  For the longest time he has dreamed of bringing his love of the craft brewery culture to his friends in the community. Fetching Lab Brewery is the culmination of years of study, planning and hard work.  He welcomes each of you to visit the brewing facility and to enjoy a Lab.

theresaTheresa Hutchings:  Owner and Business manager and Chief Mascot trainer.  Theresa acquired her love of craft brewing from Brett and proved to be a very quick study.  She works as a quality assurance lead at one of the world’s largest airplane manufactures.  Her understanding of good business processes and documentation is what keeps Fetching Lab Brewery running efficiently.

BellaBella: Mascot and (assumed) CEO :  Bella is a Yellow Labrador retriever with an OCD problem.  If you want her to work, don’t show her a ball, she will obsess about you throwing it so she can bring it back to you.  Nothing will get done.