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During a recent family meeting, the Doggos asked us about all the excitement they had seen recently on the TV.  We carefully explained to them that an election was coming up where we “Hu-mans” would soon have a to choose who would lead our “Pack”.  This led to a discussion of counting and the Doggos quickly became confused, some fur was ruffled, and a few poorly framed jokes were made at our expense.  As all good fur-parents attempting to raise a well behaved and disciplined Pack would do, we patiently explained again, without any mention of numbers, that we let the Hu-man with the biggest “Pack” behind him/her be the leader.  When we explained that by “biggest” we don’t always mean the one with the most Doggos because the location of the Pack members was just as important as how many.  Once again, they quickly became lost and quite a few more jokes were made.  Being VERY patient Hu-mans, we decided to take a different approach.  We decided that the best way to teach them about elections was to allow them to “run” for Pack Leader in true Hu-man style.  

So, over the next few months, we will be assisting our Doggos in forming their own “Parties”, setting their own Platform stances, seeking out endorsements and fundraising.  To be honest, we are sugar coating some of the more distasteful aspects of Hu-man style politics and replacing them with activities that will inspire Civic-minded Doggos while also doing some good in the world by promoting our Save-a-Life program.  So, below are some definitions you may wish to familiarize yourself with to assist you in following along with this adventure.  (And please, never mention counting to the Doggos!)

  • Fundraising:  As we will be providing everything our Doggos need to run their “Campaigns”, we have told them fundraising is another term for collecting as much food and supplies for needy Doggos as possible.  So, if you hear that your favorite candidate is having a “Fundraising Event”, we strongly encourage you to drop by, say hello to the candidate and help out a needy hound buy donating pet supplies.  We have provided a box at the Taproom for you to place your donations into as you enter the front door.  We will ensure that the supplies are delivered to Doggos in need at local shelters/rescues.  
  • Campaign Headquarters:  In one of the strangest twists in politics, all four candidates opted to have their Campaign Headquarters at Fetching Lab Brewery Taproom… go figure.   
  • Town Hall Meetings:  In the Hu-man world, this is an opportunity for the candidate to meet the public they wish to represent and find out what issues are most important.  Instead, we told our Doggos that Town Hall Meetings are events where the public comes and meets needy Doggos to see if they can help them find Fur-ever Homes.  So, for this election, Town Hall Meetings = Dog Adoptions Days. 
  • Pollsters:  We also told the Doggos that we have hired “Pollsters” to gather election data from the Doggos that come to the Town Hall Meetings.  They are in fact, highly trained Veterinarians and technicians from Pet Vaccination Services, there to provide low cost pet vaccinations every other Saturday at FLB Taproom.
  • Endorsements:  In Hu-man politics, Endorsements are a way of showing that large groups or influential people support one set of ideas and/or values.  For our election, we have told the Doggos that THEY will have to go out and find pets that have been in the system for a long time or need a little help finding that perfect Fur-Ever Homes.  They will then “Endorse” the Doggos for Special Election Positions such as Minister of Snuggles Precinct 3 or Treat Czar of Galveston County and will run special campaign ads for them prior to “Town Hall Meetings” where you can “elect” your new official doggo.  So, keep an eye out as the perfect BFF (Best Fur-Friend) may be waiting for you.  Please keep in mind, only the Doggos that are in the Local Special Elections are up for Adoption… The Candidates for Leader of the Pack are NOT up for adoption as they are needed for key positions at Fetching Lab Brewery.   
  • Celebrity Endorsements:  We are hoping to attract Organizations, Companies and/or individuals to help with the “Campaigns” by either assisting with events, donating to local shelters or sponsoring an adoption by paying the Adoption Fees of one of the local candidates.   So, if you find that you wish to give, please let us know and we will make sure you are a star.
  • Voter Registration: will now refer to filling out Adoption Applications.
  • More to come……

We are looking forward to teaching our Doggos about the election process and encourage you to follow along.  If something in one of our posts does not make sense, send us a note or come back to the Blog (located at: ) as we plan on posting explanations and updates on an as-needed basis.

Note:  This activity is being performed as part of the Fetching Lab Brewery’s Save-A-Life program.  It is intended to be fun and to help raise visibility to the Save-A-Life Program, Pets in need and to Fetching Lab Brewery.  We are attempting to look at elections through a Doggos eyes.  Any similarity to any Hu-man candidates, issues, current events or other political ideology is unintentional and should be viewed as such. Let’s all have a little fun and help out some Doggos!

Meet The Candidates!

Note: The Doggos are all working hard at building out their own detailed profiles, and platforms. These will be posted soon. Keep checking back!

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