Join us for a #CurbsideCrawl !

Hey craft beer lovers, we virtually got together with some of our friends to bring you this Curbside Crawl 🚘!!! It’s like a pub crawl, but for beer to-go 🍺. We rallied together to present a fun & safe opportunity to help support the local businesses you know and love. Participants can purchase beer/merch/gift cards from 4 out of the 5 participating locations by April 3rd (or until normal business resumes).

All you have to do is:

• Use hashtag #CurbsideCrawl
• Post a photo of each location purchase to your feed & tag the place of business OR email photos to info@bakfishbrewing.com
When normal business resumes, we’ll put everyone who completes 4 stops into a live drawing for 2 participants to win 3 $25 gift cards from participating locations. The 1st name drawn will get a choice of which 3 GC they’d like. The 2nd name drawn will get the remaining GC’s (unless we get more). Please use extra sanitary precautions while partaking in this individual person crawl. If more like-minded businesses would like to participate, please reach out to info@bakfishbrewing.com.

We would like to thank our friends at Bakfish Brewing Company for organizing and heading up this awesome event.

Current Participating Locations are:

Bakfish Brewing Company
Vallensons’ Brewing Company
Fetching Lab Brewery
Saloon Door Brewing
DUO Winery & Cider Co.

The Fetching Lab Menu has been updated below. We want to make ordering convenient and safe for you. You can order Online, Call/text 281-414-7355, or walk in. Whatever is best for you!

We will deliver curbside if you would like so you do not have to get out of your vehicle. Just call us when you arrive and we will take care of you!

K9 News Network Election Update

K9 News Network Election Update

General Ranger R Ruffington at the FLB Taproom Command Center

During this time of unprecedented crisis, we here at KNN (K9 News Network) thought it would be a good time to check in with the four Doggos running for Leader of the Pack.  We met with each candidate to discuss the overall situation and see what advice they wish to pass on.  We first spoke to Bella R Dogga, leader of the United Retrievers Party.  Given her duties guiding Fetching Lab Brewery as well as running for Leader of the Pack we were quite pleased that she was able to give us and interview on such short notice.  “All I can say is that things are changing faster than a Chuck-It Ball thrown by and MLB star pitcher… and with this “don’t put things in your mouth” ban… have you ever tried retrieving a ball by kicking it?  What next, hitting it with a stick?”  Mrs. Dogga was gracious enough to show us around her Taproom.  “As you can see, we had to modify our business model to accommodate the reality of the Coronavirus epidemic.  Currently, every time we come up with a plan, before we can implement it, we have to change to something else based off changes to Federal and State guidelines.  It has been more annoying than the old “Fake Throw” used by “Dad” from time to time.  I am very pleased with the way my team responded.  To design and implement a totally new To-Go system on such short notice… that’s keeping your eye on the ball.”  When asked what advice she had for her constituents she simply said, “follow the guidelines that you are provided and don’t lick your paws … for now.”

We were fortunate that while we were at FLB Taproom, we had an opportunity to interview Prof. Oberon O P Sobbar who heads the Doggos Encouraging Reform Party.  He explained that this extreme social distancing requirement has giving him an excellent opportunity to gather more data on the Nap portion of his Grand Unifying Theory of “Enough”. “With every crisis there comes opportunity.  I was expending a lot more effort on Belly-Rub data gathering than I could afford.  Thanks to this priority shift, I now have data that confirms that naps can be a crucial part of Social Distancing for Doggos.”  Prof. Slobbar is a strong supporter of firsthand data gathering and believes that his work will change the lives of Doggos everywhere… if he can make the effort to publish it.  Regarding the Covid-19 epidemic he stated, “Hu-mans, with their obsession with numbers… why not Covid-food-bowl or Covid-Squeaky-Toy?”  He offered this advice to his constituents, “Just sleep it off and if you have to touch me, wash your paws.”  As of the writing of this article, he is deep in a data gathering session.

Given all his responsibilities with the Yard Advanced Protection Services and running of the FLB command center, General Ranger R Ruffington was very difficult to reach.  We did manage a phone interview with him which was challenging in and of itself as he lacks opposable thumbs to hold the phone. “I have been advocating for extreme Social Distancing for some time now.  The less people around Mom the better. It appears that my efforts have started to pay off.  Over the last few days, the humans have been coming to the Taproom in groups of 10 or less.”  He stated that the overall situation has been tricky as he has had to deal with Dad much more than normal, “It’s not too bad dealing with him from time to time but now, it’s like he thinks he lives here!”  When asked his stance of the Covid-19 epidemic he responded, “Exactly 3 feet outside the back door, facing the Yard, ears up!”  As to advice in handling the current epidemic, “If you want to stay healthy, stay off my lawn!”

Of the four candidates, we had the hardest time catching up with Piper U McPuppers.  Rumer has it that the Face First philosophy of the current Lickatarian Party leadership is struggling to gain traction in this time of epidemic.  We were able to catch up to Miss McPuppers at a rally in Alpine, TX.  Her only remark on the record was,  “Due to the CDC’s moratorium on licking things, the Lickitarian Party has no comment at this time”.

We would like to thank each of the candidates for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish them all the best of luck in their upcoming campaigns.

Beer To Go/Pick up

Starting Today

Today’s business as unusual begins the two weeks (says here in fine print) of Beer To-Go/Pick up only. We will be open 7 days a week 12-8pm until we are able to get back to normal operations.

Come on in and get your growlers filled or grab a crowler of your favorite Fetching Lab Brews to go!!!🍺🍻🍺🍻

We have multiple ways we will take orders for Pick-up.

1. Order Online. We have built an online order page for your convenience. You can make your choices and pay all in convenient and secure process. Use the “shop now” button on our facebook, or use the button below. It will direct you to our online ordering system with the most up to date menu. 💻📱🖥

2. Call or text in your order to 281-414-7355. Leave a message with your name/number if there is no answer.📞☎️

3. Direct message us on Facebook. We will get your order ready for pick-up

4. Show up and make an order in person.

Some ways we haven’t quite figured out how to accept orders: Smoke Signals, Telepathy, Morse Code, and whale song. We are working hard at figuring it out though!

If you would like curbside delivery, just give us a ring, when you arrive.

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Taproom Update! 3/20/2020


Today we would like to start our status update amidst the COVID-19 crisis on a personal note. We want to thank all of you for your support these last few days. Everything has been appreciated; sharing and interacting with our social media, tagging us in other posts, sending us your ideas, coming by and purchasing beer and so much more. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful community of people around us.

So with that said, lets get to the hops and barley of the post!

Yesterday our plans were changed for us by Governor Abbotts mandate to close all dining rooms and only allow pick-up/to-go orders. This order starts at midnight tonight. We have decided that during this order, some changes will be made.

  • 1. Tonight is the last night for the Taproom to be open until April 4th (says here in fine print). We will be open 3-9pm tonight but also encouraging Pickup to-go orders.
  • 2. Starting Tomorrow, Our new hours of operation for pick-up To-Go Orders, until this is all over will be 12-8 EVERY DAY! Yes. You will be able to get Fetching Lab Brews any day you want for the next couple weeks.

To Support this and to enhance the safety of our customers we are introducing a new Online ordering system. This is hosted by Square, so your orders will be secure. If you would like curbside deliver, just call us at 281-414-7355 when you get here and we will run your order out to you. (Must be 21, as usual)

Just go to: https://fetchinglabbrewery.square.site/ to make your order.

If you would like to call or text an order, you can call 281-414-7355. Whichever way is more convenient for you!

We will be keeping the online order form up to date with the current available tap list and size options.

Thank you again for all the support you have shown us.

3/19/2020 Beer To-Go Menu

3/19/2020 Beer To-Go Menu

As we announced yesterday, this is the Current Beer To-Go Menu for Fetching Lab Brewery Taproom. We will post up a new menu if/when it changes.

If you would like to call or text your order please call 281-414-7355. If there is no answer, please leave a message or text your order (include your name in the text).

Our Hours of operation this week are:

  • Thursday 3-9pm
  • Friday 3-9pm
  • Saturday 12-9pm
  • Sunday 12-9pm

Please keep checking back for the latest information. This is an ever changing situation and we will keep our Blog up to date as best we can.

COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan


We at Fetching Lab have been following the COVID-19 crisis very closely.  We have read CDC guidance, and reached out to government officials for information and recommendations.  We are taking this very seriously and want to make the right decision for both the health and safety of our community and the survival of Fetching Lab Brewery and Taproom.  It is not without deep contemplation that we have come to a decision on our go-forward plans.  Neither Galveston County nor Texas City has ordered a closure of Bars and Restaurants for our area. With that, we will be opening our normal Thurs-Sunday but with some changes and limitations. 

  1. We highly encourage that if you are sick, please stay home.  Follow CDC and local health guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.
  2. We encourage you to consider purchasing Beer To-Go.  We sell Crowlers (canned beer) and will fill Growlers (bring your own growler). We sanitize both Crowlers and Growlers inside and out before filling them. We will be implementing a call-in ordering system to encourage To-Go Crowlers and Growlers.  This will allow us to prepare your order and expedite the transaction for pick-up orders. 
    • We will be posting our menu each day on social media and our website.
    • For call in orders, please call 281-414-7355.  If no response, please leave a message or text with your name and order.  We are also working on an online order option for your convenience. Stay tuned.
  3. We will be limiting our capacity by removing the seating from several tables to help create more space and encourage social distancing. This will also reduce our capacity well below the 50 people recommended by the CDC.   Again, if you are in an at-risk group or sick, please consider to-go options or staying home.
  4. While we already keep a clean sanitary environment, we will be increasing the frequency of our processes.  Tables and chairs and other surfaces will all be wiped down regularly with a bleach solution.
  5. Hand Sanitizer is available for customer use. 
  6. Games will not be available for the next few weeks.  You are welcome to bring your own. 
  7. We will only be serving bottled water; the water cooler will be unavailable.
  8. We will be limiting our hours of operation and closing at 9pm. Our hours may change as we learn more.
  9. All special events that were planned for the next two weeks will be cancelled to reduce the potential for large crowd sizes.
  10. This has been a quickly changing environment and we will be adjusting as needed.  Keep checking back for the latest details. 

Lastly on a more personal note, we encourage you to support all local small businesses in whatever way you can.  (Order To-Go or delivery, purchase gift cards, share and interact with social media posts, have compassion for the difficult decisions they are having to make etc.) This crisis will likely mean the end to many small family owned businesses.  These businesses often operate on very small margins and are just squeaking by.  They have put their life savings into a dream and are very afraid that this may be the end.  The downturn in business alone, may be enough to tip the balance for some, but a complete mandated closure at the end of a month when bills are due, will mean disaster for many companies.  The employees will be hurting as many do not have large savings to rely on. They are likely in fear that there may be no company to come back to after an extended closure and with a smaller job market because so many companies went out of business, what will they do?  These are some of the considerations that we ourselves have had to discuss when coming to this decision.  How do you make the right decision when you are faced with the risk of the virus vs. losing everything you’ve worked to build and your family and employees’ livelihood? Many people’s entire futures are on the line right now.  Small businesses and their employees need your support, even it if it is just to have compassion for the difficult position this has put them in.  Understand that we highly encourage you to follow CDC and Local Health Guidelines, and you should make the best decisions for your health and safety of your family.  There are lots of ways to support a small business, that does not require putting you and your family at risk. 

Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay informed.

Comptroller of Public Snacks

Special Elections

Comptroller of Public Snacks

Eligible for Immediate Election (adopt)

We would like to thank you for joining the 1st Fetching Lab Brewery Special Local Elections.  Of all electoral officials, the Comptroller of Public Snacks is one of the most coveted and open to criticism.  It is the solemn responsibility of this Doggo to advise Hu-mans on advanced snack distribution policies as well as to hear complaints relating to unequal snackage.   This position was elevated to the highest esteem after the infamous Snack Switch Scandal of ‘08.  Fetching Lab would like to introduce you to four fine Doggos who are currently running for this high office.  If you would like to learn more about these Doggos, please attend the Town Hall Meeting at Fetching Lab Brewery on March 14th.

Don’t forget to keep following along our Journey as we explore the inner workings of Doggo Elections! Let’s have some fun and save some lives while we’re at it!

Meet The Candidates!

Meet The Candidates

Meet The Candidates!

Fetching Lab Brewery is proud to announce the start of our Leader of the Pack election process. Four proud candidates have been selected from their parties to run for the highest position in the Pack. Over the next few months, you will have time to get to know these proud Doggo-Americans and assess their stances on key Canine issues. You will be given opportunities to assist in their campaigns and influence their future decisions. The fate of the Pack rests on the snouts of one of these fine candidates so your vote will make a difference. Individual issues will be addressed in special releases throughout the rest of the voting season. The final election will be held in November (details to follow).

Vote Dog 2020 is part of our Save-A-Life program. Our goals are to raise awareness for some doggos in need while having a little fun in the process. So, putting our best paw forward, lets begin! Bookmark the Link below to follow along.

#FetchingLabBrewery, #SaveALife

Vote Dog!

United Retrievers
Doggos Encouraging Reform Party
Shepherds For Progress

During a recent family meeting, the Doggos asked us about all the excitement they had seen recently on the TV.  We carefully explained to them that an election was coming up where we “Hu-mans” would soon have a to choose who would lead our “Pack”.  This led to a discussion of counting and the Doggos quickly became confused, some fur was ruffled, and a few poorly framed jokes were made at our expense.  As all good fur-parents attempting to raise a well behaved and disciplined Pack would do, we patiently explained again, without any mention of numbers, that we let the Hu-man with the biggest “Pack” behind him/her be the leader.  When we explained that by “biggest” we don’t always mean the one with the most Doggos because the location of the Pack members was just as important as how many.  Once again, they quickly became lost and quite a few more jokes were made.  Being VERY patient Hu-mans, we decided to take a different approach.  We decided that the best way to teach them about elections was to allow them to “run” for Pack Leader in true Hu-man style.  

So, over the next few months, we will be assisting our Doggos in forming their own “Parties”, setting their own Platform stances, seeking out endorsements and fundraising.  To be honest, we are sugar coating some of the more distasteful aspects of Hu-man style politics and replacing them with activities that will inspire Civic-minded Doggos while also doing some good in the world by promoting our Save-a-Life program.  So, below are some definitions you may wish to familiarize yourself with to assist you in following along with this adventure.  (And please, never mention counting to the Doggos!)

  • Fundraising:  As we will be providing everything our Doggos need to run their “Campaigns”, we have told them fundraising is another term for collecting as much food and supplies for needy Doggos as possible.  So, if you hear that your favorite candidate is having a “Fundraising Event”, we strongly encourage you to drop by, say hello to the candidate and help out a needy hound buy donating pet supplies.  We have provided a box at the Taproom for you to place your donations into as you enter the front door.  We will ensure that the supplies are delivered to Doggos in need at local shelters/rescues.  
  • Campaign Headquarters:  In one of the strangest twists in politics, all four candidates opted to have their Campaign Headquarters at Fetching Lab Brewery Taproom… go figure.   
  • Town Hall Meetings:  In the Hu-man world, this is an opportunity for the candidate to meet the public they wish to represent and find out what issues are most important.  Instead, we told our Doggos that Town Hall Meetings are events where the public comes and meets needy Doggos to see if they can help them find Fur-ever Homes.  So, for this election, Town Hall Meetings = Dog Adoptions Days. 
  • Pollsters:  We also told the Doggos that we have hired “Pollsters” to gather election data from the Doggos that come to the Town Hall Meetings.  They are in fact, highly trained Veterinarians and technicians from Pet Vaccination Services, there to provide low cost pet vaccinations every other Saturday at FLB Taproom.
  • Endorsements:  In Hu-man politics, Endorsements are a way of showing that large groups or influential people support one set of ideas and/or values.  For our election, we have told the Doggos that THEY will have to go out and find pets that have been in the system for a long time or need a little help finding that perfect Fur-Ever Homes.  They will then “Endorse” the Doggos for Special Election Positions such as Minister of Snuggles Precinct 3 or Treat Czar of Galveston County and will run special campaign ads for them prior to “Town Hall Meetings” where you can “elect” your new official doggo.  So, keep an eye out as the perfect BFF (Best Fur-Friend) may be waiting for you.  Please keep in mind, only the Doggos that are in the Local Special Elections are up for Adoption… The Candidates for Leader of the Pack are NOT up for adoption as they are needed for key positions at Fetching Lab Brewery.   
  • Celebrity Endorsements:  We are hoping to attract Organizations, Companies and/or individuals to help with the “Campaigns” by either assisting with events, donating to local shelters or sponsoring an adoption by paying the Adoption Fees of one of the local candidates.   So, if you find that you wish to give, please let us know and we will make sure you are a star.
  • Voter Registration: will now refer to filling out Adoption Applications.
  • More to come……

We are looking forward to teaching our Doggos about the election process and encourage you to follow along.  If something in one of our posts does not make sense, send us a note or come back to the Blog (located at: http://www.fetchinglabbrewery.com/blog-from-the-dog/ ) as we plan on posting explanations and updates on an as-needed basis.

Note:  This activity is being performed as part of the Fetching Lab Brewery’s Save-A-Life program.  It is intended to be fun and to help raise visibility to the Save-A-Life Program, Pets in need and to Fetching Lab Brewery.  We are attempting to look at elections through a Doggos eyes.  Any similarity to any Hu-man candidates, issues, current events or other political ideology is unintentional and should be viewed as such. Let’s all have a little fun and help out some Doggos!

Meet The Candidates!

Note: The Doggos are all working hard at building out their own detailed profiles, and platforms. These will be posted soon. Keep checking back!

New Taproom Coming Soon!

It’s finally time to officially announce what Bella has had us doing for the last few months! The worst kept secret in all of Texas is finally close to being done! Fetching Lab Taproom will be opening its doors soon in Texas City!!!!  The Opening date is pending final inspections but we hope to open our doors in the next week or two! Stay tuned…