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Written by Bella – Fetching Lab CEO

IMG_0411-1Have you ever looked at our logo and wondered, “Hey, who’s that on the Fetching Lab logo?” Well, that’s me. I’m Bella, a Yellow Labrador Retriever and the CEO of Fetching Lab Brewery. No, this isn’t some vain statement of inflated self-worth where the boss puts herself front and center for all to see. And it’s not an attempt to create celebrity status so that someday they name a dog park after me. No. I put myself on the label because let’s face it… who’s going to put a cat on the label, and Brett and Theresa consider me a pretty good boss, so they insisted. I guess you could say it’s a respect thing. Frankly, I think it’s because I’m so darn good looking (okay, maybe I’m a little bit vain).

If you’re reading this it means you’re like most people; you love Fetching Lab beer, dogs, and know how to get on the internet, even if you don’t have a social media account. And it’s at this moment that you might be thinking, “How is it that a dog, with no opposable thumbs, can type a blog, when she can’t even pour me a beer?” Well, there are a lot of things dogs can do, but we have this code; we don’t show you all we’re capable of. All this time you thought we just fetched balls and wanted treats. That’s because we dogs want you to think that. We’re clever. And that’s why I started this blog.

Brett leaves his computer on all the time, so when he’s not looking and Theresa is hanging out with Oberon and Buddy (I’ll tell you more about them in a minute), I’m going to jump on the keyboard and tell you what’s happening at the brewery. This will be my opportunity to let you know about new releases, my overall beer philosophy, my appreciation for our customers, and announcements for events throughout the greater Houston area. Occasionally I may just post something random to see if you’re paying attention or if I can get you to “play with me”. I can’t do all of this alone though, which is why I have a crack team of experts.

Brett and Theresa provide me with joy and entertainment as my “personal ball launchers”. They’re also responsible for brewing, cleaning, purchasing, maintenance, hosting, making public appearances, sales, and paying the bills.

The Black Lab on site is Oberon, who heads up our marketing department. He makes sure that our social media stays current, plans events, and sends Brett and Theresa out to meet people who walk on two legs and drink with two hands. Initially Oberon wanted me to go out on appearances, but dogs aren’t allowed to drive. I’m convinced Goofy screwed that up for all of us.

Buddy is a Sheltie and is head of security. You might be thinking, “Why does a brewery need a security guard?”, and to that I would say, “Obviously you haven’t tasted our beer.” You can’t leave the recipes unguarded and besides, there may be a stray cat that needs to be run off the property.

Of course we also have to thank our distributor, Wandering Boots, who is responsible for making sure our beers get into the finest beer bars throughout greater Houston; and we appreciate those establishments for supporting small, local, craft beer.

And finally, we have YOU on our team. The beer drinker. For without you saying “I’ll have a Fetching Lab”, our beer would never be consumed, and I’d have to go back to doing what I did to pay for obedience school (don’t judge, times were tough).

So in appreciation for you the customer, I’m opening up the brewery this weekend so you can come out, drink beer and meet the team. We’ll be open from 1-5pm on Saturday for you to enjoy a delicious pint for $5.00, or you can get three pints and a souvenir glass with my face on it for $15.

It’s a nice drive and if you hang your head out the window, I find it helps with the stress until you can get a beer. See you Saturday, and feel free to bring your four legged friends because (of course) we’re pet friendly.

Remember- Everyone Loves a Lab!




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