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Full Production Brews:

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imageRound Up Amber (ABV 6.2%, IBU 36) Round up all of your friends and pour up this fun take on an American Amber. This amber has been crafted to be a little more hop forward without being too overpowering. We balance the hops with roasted malts which add additional flavor complexity and helps create the beautiful red color. It is great for any occasion.


laelapsLaelaps IPA (ABV 6.5%, IBU 83) (“Lay-laps”) One of two Fetching Lab offerings named in tribute to the Houston Space Programs. (i.e. Canis Major constellation ) This IPA is big and bold with a strong hop profile and lots of grapefruit overtones. Rye is used for a little spiciness that rounds out the flavors and balances this beer.

*** The story behind the name

6 Teumessian Fox Label RGB 300dpiTeumessian Fox (ABV 6.3%, IBU 56) (“Too-mess-E-an”) One of two beers named as a tribute to the Houston Space Programs. (i.e Canis Minor constellation) This American Pale Ale has a mild floral aroma with a nice citrus pop to it. The light clean finish makes it a popular choice as the heat rises. An Excellent brew for those who have tried Ambers and want a bit more without the taste overload of an IPA.

*** The story behind the name

7 Break Time LabelBreaktime Wheat: (ABV 5.4%, IBU 24) Everyone knows Houston summers are HOT. When it’s time for a break this American Wheat ale is a perfect choice to help you relax. It has light body and a mild floral and fruity hop profile. It is clean and crisp, excellent on a hot Summer day.

9 Blue Mischief v2

Blue Mischief: (ABV 5.5%, IBU 18) This blueberry cream ale is a combination of a light malt base with an undertone of slightly tart blueberries at the end. This is a very bright, crisp and refreshing beer that is perfect for cooling down in the summer heat.  This is not your average fruity beer, it is brewed to be dry and does not have a lingering sweetness often associated with fruit beers.

Available in-house only or limited production/seasonal:

imageBound and Determined Stout: (ABV 6%, IBU 77) Four words… Chocolate, Vanilla, Chile Peppers. ‘Nuff said? This is a beast of a brew. The flavor profile moves over each of the elements in turn leaving you wanting more. The Chocolate and vanilla dominate the front end with fig and plum in the middle leaving a hint of the mild peppers at the end to tie it all together. (Winter Seasonal)

12 Midnight Watch Final RGB 300dpi

Midnight Watch Porter: (ABV 6.5%)  This classic American Porter gives you everything you love about porters.  It’s roasty, it has coffee and chocolate notes, it’s perfect for cool days but has a light enough body that it can still be enjoyed in the Texas heat.  It finishes dry so your palette is ready to experience the brew with every sip.

Fetcher in the Rye: (ABV 5.22%, IBU 47) This Juniper Rye ale is a pleasant combination of a spicy rye base balanced by distinct herbal juniper notes. The fall flavors have been paired with a low ABV to make this ale perfect for drinking in the warm fall weather of Texas. This ale is very special as part of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to support the Alpha Search and Recovery TeamSo if you are looking for “fall in a glass” and an opportunity to support a good cause, try Fetcher in the Rye. (Fall Seasonal)

50 Shades of Blue: (ABV 5.6%) This is our 2nd Anniversary beer.  It is a blended beer and lovingly called a Chocolate Blueberry Stout.  If you love chocolate covered blueberries, you will love this brew.  It is surprisingly smooth and easy to drink.